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Have you started Succession Planning? The Equalizer9 Tip of the Week is back!

Back by popular demand  – The Equalizer9 Tip of The Week. Going forward, Hal will post a quick tip every week that will help you improve win rate, increase profitability, gain...

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Eliminate Losing Behavior by Playing the Entire Game

In this Chase Less, Win More® Academy Clip, Hal discusses the importance of playing the entire game when pursuing construction projects. To learn more about the Academy, Contact Equalizer9...

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What's Your Pre-Game Strategy?

In this Chase Less, Win More® Academy teaser, Hal shares the strategy behind the Sector Focus Evaluation Matrix that helps you determine which vertical sectors to focus on in the construction...

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Discover the Impact of Win Rate

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The "Big Dog" Business Developer Continuum

Ready to know the six characteristics you should be looking for to find (or become!) your own rare, elite-level Big Dog business developer?

In this video, Equalizer9's President &...
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Webinar - Winning Strategies for Proposals & Presentations

We all know winning new work is our business’ life blood. But sometimes it’s incredibly challenging to differentiate yourself from the competition.



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The Client Experience: Part 3 - Mistakes to Avoid, Engineering Powerful Moments and Filling in Gaps

In part 2 I introduced you to The Above & Beyond Game Plan. Today, I’ll briefly explain the next steps to not only satisfying your clients, but to earning raving fans who might actually...

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The Client Experience: Part 2 - Introduction to The Above & Beyond Game Plan

In my last post (The Client Experience: Part 1) I explained why the client experience is the last frontier of differentiation.


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The Client Experience: Part 1 - What it is and why it matters

In an industry where best practices are copied among *almost* every company - it's a real challenge to differentiate yourself from your competitors.



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Are You Working "In" the Business or "On" the Business?

In this week’s Tip of the Week, Hal discusses where leaders need to be focusing their time and energy to grow the business and push the strategic initiatives that will create big impact.


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