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Customized programs and consulting from Equalizer9 will improve your team’s performance and achieve your strategic goals.

Ready to grow your construction firm and develop your leaders? Click to learn more about our core consultation offerings, or just keep scrolling to see them all:

Growth & Profitability Consulting • Talent Development
• Ownership Succession Consulting

Growth & Profitability Consulting

Strategy Development & Execution

Galvanize your entire team around a big, hairy, audacious vision.

Together, we’ll create specific initiatives that will advance your company toward a unified vision. The hallmark of our approach is simplicity, adaptability, and a heavy emphasis on sustained execution.



The Chase Less Win More Program

If you can't win it, you don't get to build it.

Our 12 month embed program creates extremely high win rates, allowing you to win far more than your share! You get to pick the clients and projects you want — instead of settling for the scraps. Equalizer9 works alongside you to train, plan, and coach. We embed with your team to implement tailored strategies on must-win projects. We are with you every step of the way to ingrain our Chase Less, Win More® principles into your company DNA.



Succession Planning

Set the stage for the next generation of leadership.

Developing a thorough succession plan will increase your business’s value and set the stage for the next generation of leadership. We guide succession planning conversations and help you navigate the toughest of transitions - trusting others with the business you put your heart and soul into.



Performance & Operational Effectiveness

Get on the path to higher profitability.

Want to improve your reputation for performance and drive more profits? Uncover why you’re consistently realizing profit fade on projects, having schedule overruns, seeing ongoing quality issues, or experiencing high rates of litigation on projects. Equalizer9 takes a deep dive into your operational practices to identify the root causes of your performance and operational issues — and then we work with you to implement high impact, corrective actions.



Preconstruction Training

We take a deep dive with your team into how to excel at preconstruction services and to be the general contractor clients want to work with on negotiated projects. Our program teaches:

  •  Key steps to take at the start of each project
  • Development and presentation of early budgets
  • Successful Value Engineering Strategies
  • Fee Enhancement Strategies for GMP contracts
  • Identifying and mitigating risk early
  • Being a leader in preconstruction and holding the project development team accountable
  • Understanding insurance and negotiating fair contracts

This program leads you to developing a successful GMP and turning over projects that are fully ready for construction. It is ideal for general contractors that are growing their CMGC and/or CMAR portfolio and need to train a young and growing preconstruction department.



CRM Implementation

A well-implemented CRM system will organize your prospects and leads, provide great visibility into your pipeline, manage the workflows on your project pursuits, and keep a powerful database of your project history. It is a single source of truth that guides business development and provides leadership visibility into the company's backlog and pipeline.

Several great CRM products are now made specifically for the General Contracting industry, but many implementations fail because they are too generic and done by software techs that do not understand our industry and how GC's truly interact with the software.

We are industry professionals who are Business Development experts and have led BD teams. We help you select the right CRM for your team, and then implement and customize it specifically to your needs. We make CRM a tool that your team will love to use rather than cast aside.



Project Peer Review

If you have won a project that is larger or more complex than anything you have performed before, a project peer review can help identify risk and develop a plan to ensure the project is a success. We dive deep into the plans and specs, estimate, schedule, logistics, contract, subcontracts, and insurance requirements to identify areas of exposure that can risk the success of the project.

We develop project specific mitigation strategies and action plans for preconstruction, construction, and successful closeout.

We use our 25 years of experience as contractors and industry consultants to help ensure you go into your project fully prepared.



Peer Group Facilitation

Peer groups offer industry leaders the opportunity to learn best practices and avoid costly mistakes by comparing similar challenges and common initiatives. Equalizer9 forms peer groups among similar companies along revenue size, sector types, delivery methods, and corporate structure. We try to match these similar companies, being careful that no competition exists between them.

The benefits to these peer company participants will include:

  • Exploring Innovation and new spins on old ideas

  • Discussing “Get Work” strategies that are working

  • Gaining perspective on industry financial norms and metrics

  • Enhancing Profitability models

  • Brain storming recruitment and retention of staff best practices

  • Sharing fee enhancement strategies

  • Discussing industry trends

  • Best practices across multiple issues

So, low investment but high impact. 

Talent Development


Leadership Acceleration Program

Build your bench with in-house talent.

Your growth should not be dependent on hiring from the outside. Develop your high potential team members into future leaders with our 12 month Leadership Acceleration Program. Our focus areas include:

  • Personal Leadership (Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Management)
  • Strategic Thinking (System Thinking and Decision-Making), Risk Management (Conflict Resolution, Negotiation Skills)
  • People Development (Performance Feedback, Cultivating Culture, Team Building, Accountability)
  • Get Work Philosophy (Sales Strategy, Relationship Building, Presentation Skills)
  • Business Acumen (Enterprise Results, Financial Performance, Business Simulation)
  • The Client Experience (The last frontier in differentiation, A Client Experience Game Plan) 

The program offers a unique business simulator that allows future leaders to play out mock scenarios.



Tailored Talent Development

Driving performance with a custom-tailored strategy.

Equalizer9 collaborates with your senior management team to understand your strategic goals, evaluate your succession pipeline, assess your project delivery capabilities, and align your talent development programs. We work to ensure all efforts are driving performance and create a tailored program to optimize your business and your teams. Improve your operational effectiveness with our custom consultations and hands-on approach.


Ownership Succession Consulting

Obtain the Maximum Value For Your Business

We become your bulldog advocate

Transitioning to the next chapter of your life is a challenging time for all business owners. Equalizer9 helps navigate this time with 2 primary goals — making it as easy and seamless as possible and maximizing the value of your business.

We bring a team of legal, financial, and business planners to evaluate and advise the owners of construction businesses on their best succession option. The options include:

  • Liquidation
  • Leveraged Internal Sale
  • Oldco / Newco Internal Sale
  • ESOPs
  • External Sale

Our team of experts can advise you on the transition strategy that is right for you and your team.

Hal did a magnificent job representing my brothers and I in the recent sale of our long held family business. He was a voracious advocate for our interests... We could not be more pleased with the value of the deal, and especially would recommend Hal as your agent.

George W. Marsh, President, Gelder and Associates, Raleigh NC

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