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Brightest Mind I've Ever Worked With

I have worked with Hal on and off for 2 decades now. He is simply the brightest mind I have ever worked with when it comes to strategy and business development.

Tim Lovin, Senior Preconstruction Manager, PEG Contracting

Increased Our Win Rate to Over 40%

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work alongside Hal for several years in my career, and have firsthand experience in his business development philosophy to Chase Less and Win More! Before Hal came on board, we pursued close to $2B in opportunities, but won less than 10%. Once we embraced his strategy to Chase Less and Win More, we invested more time and energy into early game activities with the clients. The result was dramatic, as we pursued only $1B in opportunities but increased our win rate to over 40%, resulting in a two-fold increase in projects awarded. I have been a believer in Hal’s strategy ever since.

Gail Suson, Vice President of Preconstruction Services, Hitt Contracting

One of the Best in the Industry

Hal’s strategic approach to pursuits, positioning and client relationships is one of the best in the industry. He is amazing at creating client-centric cultures that consistently result in the growth of clients and opportunities.

Chad Parker, Managing Director, Principal, Gensler

He Works for ... Client Delight (A+)

In my thirty-five years of Business Development leadership—including three published books on the subject and a 65% win rate—I’ve found but a small number of BD consultants with whom I would trust my own business success, and Hal Routh holds the Number One position in that select group. He is not only smart in all the right BD ways, he’s industry and street tested and proven. Moreover, Hal doesn’t believe in customer satisfaction (which translates to a grade of C) because he works for nothing less than client delight (as in A+). A great communicator and thought leader, he delivers insight and value where they count the most, and his keen strategic perspective ensures that his clients are moving in the right direction for the right reasons, first time, every time.

David Pugh, PhD, Business Development in Construction and Engineering

Your Competitors Won't Know What Hit Them

Equalizer9 will help you develop and execute a laser-focused strategy plan, create a fee enhancement model that maximizes profitability, and drive your win rate to new levels. Your competitors won’t know what hit them. I know first hand – Hal is a game changer!

Steve Rice, Principal, SAR Construction Services, LLC

A Centerpiece in our Company's Growth

Prior to Equalizer9’s engagement with us, our approach to strategy did not give us the impact that we were trying to achieve. Equalizer9’s Strategic Framework requires a lot of intense thinking, massive actions and demands heavy follow up and accountability. The difference is profound and is proving to be a centerpiece in our growth as a company.

Donovan A. Everett, President, D.A. Everett Construction Group

Hands-down, The Best Strategist I Have Ever Worked With

Hands-down, the best strategist I have ever worked with, Hal is able to dig deep within the organization to identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Working as a long-range visionary, Hal understands how to help position your company to not only win the work but build the relationship. He is able to communicate across multiple disciplines and functions and coach each member of your team to reach their full potential.

Becky Felton, President, Davis-Felton Group

Use His Services Before Your Competitors Do

Hal Routh is an elite strategist and analyst of the construction industry and its competitive landscape. His insight, emotional intelligence, and communication skills are top flight. After my 35 years in this business, I know he’s as good as they come. I can’t decide which is more intense—the satisfaction of having him on your team, or the sinking feeling of knowing you’re competing with him. I have personal experience with both. I suggest that you use his services before your competitors do.

Scott Cutler, Vice President, Brasfield & Gorrie

Increased Our Wins From 26% To 46%

Hal taught us an easier and better way. Through his chase less win more approach, we significantly increased our win percentage from 26% to 46%. He helped us focus on the opportunities where we had the best chance of being successful, and not waste time on those where the odds were against us.
Hal taught us how to create a strategy to win. Using his white board sessions our team got more focused on the client’s pain points, (and) discovered how to bring value to the client…

Doug Martin, Former President, EMJ Construction

Second To None

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Hal for years. His ability to understand a company’s strategic goals and how to put a framework to achieve those goals are second to none. Hal understands what works and what doesn’t work in the construction industry. Whether you are dealing in the private or public arena, Hal has the experience and track record to help guide you to a very successful business model.

Robby Lowe, Veteran Business Development Executive with Top National and International Construction Management Firms

When It Comes to Strategy, Hal's Playing Chess... Others Are Playing Checkers

I have known Hal for over 15 years. He has been a mentor of mine in the construction industry. What Hal can bring any AEC firm is a creative mind. When it comes to strategy, Hal is playing chess, while all the others are playing checkers. If you want to grow your business, I would recommend hiring him before someone else does.

Stewart Cowden, Harker

Winning Message Has Been Proven Time and Again

Developing a solid presentation that resonates with a client is challenging. Coaching a team of strong personalities to deliver the best presentation is even tougher. In my 30+ years in the industry, I found Hal to lead the way in these areas. His focus, leadership and ability to deliver a winning message has been proven time and again.

Johnny Rankin, Executive Vice President, Balfour Beatty

A Voracious Advocate For Our Interests

Hal did a magnificent job representing my brothers and I in our recent sale of our long-held family business.
He was a voracious advocate for our interests and presented us with multiple options we might not have considered otherwise. In situations where we needed outside help, he was keen enough to recognize that and had excellent resources to recommend.
We could not be more pleased with the value of the deal, and especially would recommend Hal as your agent. He truly adds value to this process.

George W. Marsh, President, Gelder and Associates

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