Tip of the Week: Succession Planning Part 2: Ownership Succession

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What is your ownership succession plan?


Today is Part 2 of a two part series on Succession Planning. Many owners of construction companies have spent the better part of a lifetime investing their heart and soul, and a little money, into growing their construction business. But around the corner the golden years approach.

So now what? Sell to a family member, a few next generation leaders, or go outside the business? It’s a tough time to navigate and can be quite emotional.

In this week’s Tip of The Week, Hal addresses the process in exiting from your ownership position. Who knows – maybe It’s finally time to golf, hunt, or fish more?

Tune in Next week as Hal discusses the importance of including and prepping your field team when making project presentations and subscribe to our Youtube Channel and turn on notifications to be the first to see the Tip of the Week.

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