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Winning and Losing Behavior #1 in Business Development

A few weeks go I presented “The 10 Biggest Winning & Losing Behaviors in Business Development” at an industry event with my good friend Randy Fichera. In a recent post we aired the...

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The 10 Biggest Winning & Losing Behaviors in Business Development

Recently I spoke at a construction industry event where I delivered a presentation on “The 10 Biggest Winning & Losing Behaviors In Business Development”. Over the next several...

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Are you “Throwing Up On Your Clients”? | Tip of the Week

This week, Hal explains the single biggest mistake you may be making when you meet a potential client for the first time.

Get ahead early with this simple and easily applicable advice. Watch the...

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The 1 + 1 = 3 Formula for Winning Big Projects

This week, Hal discusses why your client might prefer a joint venture, when to decide on a joint venture, and how to pick the right partner. Understanding these could win you that next big project!...

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Are you overlooking your team's MVP? Watch the Tip of the Week

Who is the most important (often overlooked) team member to include when making a client presentation? In this edition of the ‘Tip of the Week,' Hal offers some clarity as to which of...

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What is your ownership succession plan?

Today is Part 2 of a two part series on Succession Planning. Many owners of construction companies have spent the better part of a lifetime investing their heart and soul, and a little money, into...

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Have you started Succession Planning? The Equalizer9 Tip of the Week is back!

Back by popular demand  – The Equalizer9 Tip of The Week. Going forward, Hal will post a quick tip every week that will help you improve win rate, increase profitability, gain...

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Eliminate Losing Behavior by Playing the Entire Game

In this Chase Less, Win More® Academy Clip, Hal discusses the importance of playing the entire game when pursuing construction projects. To learn more about the Academy, Contact Equalizer9...

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What's Your Pre-Game Strategy?

In this Chase Less, Win More® Academy teaser, Hal shares the strategy behind the Sector Focus Evaluation Matrix that helps you determine which vertical sectors to focus on in the construction...

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Discover the Impact of Win Rate

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