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We Build

Equalizer9 is a boutique consulting practice dedicated solely to the commercial construction industry.

What We Do

Equalizer9 is in the business of helping you WIN with our core services and consulting:

Why We Do It

For the Love of the Build


Equalizer9 is a team of people who fell in love with construction for all the reasons you did.

We love to see something created from nothing. We love to see a team of people come together to make something as transformative and beautiful as a new building. We love to drive by the finished product and tell the kids, "I played a role in building that!" Simply put, we are in this for the love of the build, just like you.


Our Values


We believe in grit, determination, hard work, & creating our own luck.


We value sincerity and being real. We value plain-spokenness.


We create strong, lasting relationships with our clients, family, and friends.


Life is short. We will enjoy ourselves, and we will bring value while we fulfill our purpose.


We are not in this to go through the motions. We will drive our clients and ourselves to success.

Our Leadership Team

Hal Routh

President & Founder

(919) 427-1761

[email protected]


Hal’s career includes executive tenures at two large regional firms, at one of the largest global construction firms in the world, and as a member of the executive leadership team of a large national construction company. Hal’s career has been hallmarked by his unique ability to spur revenue and profitability growth wherever his career took him, and in any economic environment. As a result, he has become a noted expert in creating sustained growth strategies in the commercial construction industry

Over his career, Hal created a unique system that fuels and sustains growth. He founded Equalizer9 to do what he loves everyday – teaching, mentoring, and coaching others on how to take their construction businesses to new heights.

Hal is married to the beautiful and talented Debra. They have 3 children, a new daughter in law, and a very large Newfoundland dog. Hal enjoys golf, duck hunting, and Appalachian trail section hikes. Hal has a degree in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.


Andy Patron

Director of Talent Development

(919) 749-2500

[email protected]


Andy has been working in and for the construction industry for over thirty years. For the past 15, he has dedicated his life to Talent Development. He has been all over the world evaluating, creating, and implementing hundreds of talent development programs. Andy is a sought-after consultant, trainer, speaker, group facilitator and presenter. His passion for talent development comes across with every audience and he uses humor and firsthand experience to make the development experience relevant, memorable, effective, and fun.

As the Director of Talent Development at Equalizer9, Andy’s objective is to align your development program with your company’s strategic goals. He will transform your high potential people into the leaders of tomorrow and today. Andy has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.


Caleb Routh

Director of Talent Recruitment

(919) 441-0066

[email protected]


As a former Project Engineer with a Top 25 Southeast General Contractor, Caleb has an industry-insider’s understanding of the business of construction. Unlike most recruiters, Caleb has put boots on and walked a muddy jobsite. He knows firsthand how quality leaders make the difference in getting projects done profitably, and with happy clients. And, he understands the roles and attributes needed in the field, in preconstruction, and in executive leadership. Since transitioning from a GC to the construction recruiting business, Caleb has gained an understanding of what the search industry does right and what it does wrong in recruiting top level talent.

Most recruiting firms don’t specialize in construction and the ones that do are practicing outdated and inefficient methods. They simply recycle the same names over and over, and they are all about the transaction. Caleb doesn’t recycle candidates-he creates new “Talent Pipelines”. And Caleb believes the relationship is more important than the transaction- he wants both the new employee and the client to thrive. That means placing the perfect match the first time.

When Caleb isn’t working he’s playing golf, playing music with his brother, or surfing near his Alma mater in Wilmington, NC.


The Equalizer9 Story

What’s in a name? The purpose of Equalizer9 is embodied within the name of our company. 

The “9” is a tribute to our founder Hal Routh’s father, Bernard Routh. He was the 9th licensed auctioneer in the state and was inducted into the Auctioneers Hall of Fame. Today there are 10,000+ licensed auctioneers in his state, making his ninth place all the more impressive. His lessons on the value of a hard day’s work, hustle, and doing what’s right (even when it’s hard) casts a long shadow on everything we do.

The “Equalizer” part of the name requires a short history lesson. In the wild west of the 1800’s, there was a culture of lawlessness where a big man or band of thugs could instill their will upon the small and innocent. Hal’s great grandfather, and Caleb’s great great grandfather, — at 5 feet 2 inches tall and 115 pounds — was a homesteader in Colorado during this era and told of these dangers.


But things changed in 1873 when Samuel Colt introduced the Colt Single Action Army. This six shooter provided an affordable and reliable form of defense that even the smallest of men could wield with great impact. The gun soon earned the nickname of “The Equalizer” and was soon the inspiration of a poem that went like this:

Be not afraid of any man

No matter what his size

When trouble rises Call on me

And I will equalize.


Equalizer9’s purpose is the same: to level the playing field. And then, go beyond to create a competitive advantage. Let us Equalize for you!

Stop Bidding, Start Winning.

Call us right now. See what Equalizer9 can do for you.

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