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Turn your people and your company into elite-level revenue generators.

The Chase Less Win More® Live Academy is designed specifically for doer-sellers, executives, and professional business developers in the construction industry who desire a hands on, active learning experience.

The Construction Industry’s Most Comprehensive Business Development Training Program


The Live Academy Experience Includes:

  • 2 Days of Intensive Training
  • Practical Workshop Sessions
  • Tools & Technique Learning
  • Disciplined Processes
  • Tools to Take with You
  • Real Life Examples on Increasing Win Rate


Tired of getting beat
by the competition?

We’ll train you on how to get the clients and projects you want — instead of settling for the scraps. In the Chase Less Win More® Live Academy, your team will learn how to:

Increase Win Rate Dramatically
Eliminate Wild Revenue Fluctuations
Build Multi-Year Backlog
Become Recession Resistant
Pick, Choose, & Win The Premium Clients
Convert More Negotiated Work
Stop The Commoditization!
Drive More Profitability

The Math Is Simple.

Increasing your win rate from industry average to best in class could increase your profitability by as much as 90%.



“Our Chase Less Win More results were dramatic. We increased our win rate to over 40%  — resulting in a two-fold increase in projects awarded. I have been a believer ever since.”

Gail Suson
/ Vice President, Preconstruction Services, Hitt Contracting

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is created for Doer-Sellers (PXs, PMs, Superintendents, Precon Professionals), Business Developers, and Executive Leadership of commercial construction firms. Any frontline associate in the business development process,or high potential future leaders,are perfect participants. 

The six-fold intent is to 1) increase win rate and backlog, 2) increase negotiated wins, 3) create recession-proofing, 4) win the premium clients & projects — no more scraps!, and 5) steal market share, 6) drive more profitability.

This academy is unlike any other business development training program. It was developed by an industry insider, specifically for the commercial construction industry. The processes, tools, and techniques compliment the construction industry uniquely. The program is focused on winning negotiated contracts and focuses on the long sales cycle that is inherent in our industry.

The Chase Less Win More® processes and tools are very proven. Equalizer9 President & Chief Strategist Hal Routh used these tools and principles to create over $3 Billion in negotiated wins with his teams during his 20+ year career in the industry. Since then, the system has created success at numerous commercial contractors across the country, increasing their win rates dramatically.

The cost is $3,500 per participant. However, we will provide a reduced cost if there are numerous participants from one company.

The Live Academy is 2 days of training, of approximately 6-7 hours per day. The time is fast-paced with active learning and ample breaks.

Yes, you can listen to references within the promotional video on this page. Direct references can also be provided. Our results are real and we want you to talk to our clients! You can also visit our testimonials page.


What You Can Expect


Module 1

  • Principles of Chase Less Win More® Philosophy
  • Why Win Rate Matters
  • Sales Cycle Stages
  • Common Losing Behaviors

Module 2

  • Pre-Game Stage (Conditioning the Market)
  • Sales Goal Calculator
  • Sectors Focus Evaluation (What and What Not to Pursue)
  • Go To Market Plans
  • Prospecting 101

Module 3

  • Community & Organizational Engagement
  • Go No Go Guide
  • Opportunity Costs

Module 4

  • Early Game Stage (Conditioning the Client)
  • Client Zippering
  • Client Data Mining for Key Decision Drivers
  • Emotion & Logic Buying

Module 5

  • Middle Game Stage (Conditioning the Project)
  • Creating a Win Strategy and Messaging Plan
  • Solving Client Key Decision Drivers
  • Ghosting the Competition
  • Messaging & Benefits Statements
  • The Power of Executive Summaries



Module 6

  • End Game Stage (Conditioning the Win)
  • Best Practices in Proposal Messaging
  • Brain Friendly Presentations

Module 7

  • Next Game Stage (Conditioning the Future)
  • Winning & Losing Behaviors in Defeat
  • Client Debriefs
  • Creating Learning & Sentiment

Module 8

  • Healthy & Unhealthy Pipelines
  • How to Spot Unhealthy Pipelines and How to Correct
  • What $ Should You Have In Your Pipeline? 

Module 9

  • Converting Price Buyers to Negotiated Buyers
  • Explaining Delivery Methods and Best Uses of Each
  • Explaining Components of Cost to Clients
  • Why Negotiated Projects Are Best for Projects with Complicating Factors
  • Schedule and Price Efficiencies with Negotiated Delivery

Module 10

  • How to Run Effective BD / Sales Meetings

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