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Brightest Mind I've Ever Worked With

I have worked with Hal on and off for 2 decades now. He is simply the brightest mind I have ever worked with when it comes to strategy and business development.

Tim Lovin, Senior Preconstruction Manager, PEG Contracting

Increased Our Win Rate to Over 40%

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work alongside Hal for several years in my career, and have firsthand experience in his business development philosophy to Chase Less Win More®! Before Hal came on board, we pursued close to $2B in opportunities, but won less than 10%. Once we embraced his strategy to Chase Less Win More®, we invested more time and energy into early game activities with the clients. The result was dramatic, as we pursued only $1B in opportunities but increased our win rate to over 40%, resulting in a two-fold increase in projects awarded. I have been a believer in Hal’s strategy ever since.

Gail Suson, Vice President of Preconstruction Services, Hitt Contracting

One of the Best in the Industry

Hal’s strategic approach to pursuits, positioning and client relationships is one of the best in the industry. He is amazing at creating client-centric cultures that consistently result in the growth of clients and opportunities.

Chad Parker, Managing Director, Principal, Gensler


See all testimonials on the Testimonials Page

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